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Send more customers to your stores through Google Posts!

From now on, reaching customers will be even easier - all you need is Google Posts. The breakthrough feature is initially available for businesses with up to 10 locations and enables you to post offers and news directly within the search results. Take full advantage of the power of Google Posts, with Uberall Engage.

We love bringing businesses and customers together. That’s why we work with leading tech companies to bring all the benefits of the online world to the offline world, driving foot-traffic to business locations. With that being said, Uberall Engage has a new heavyweight publishing channel to set alongside Facebook: Google Posts.

If you manage your locations with Google My Business, you can open up tremendous opportunities for customer communications. What’s more, Google Posts won’t eat up any of your marketing budget - say, unlike AdWords. It’s never been so easy to reach both new and existing customers online.

So, what can Google Posts actually do?

Like a paperclip, Google Posts is simple but effective, monumentally so. It allows companies to publish content directly within Google search results. As the Location Marketing Cloud has an API connection to Google My Business, you can use the Engage module to make Google search results even more effective: offer products, target customers and promote events for your locations, directly within results.

What’s more, Google Posts make full use of the Knowledge Panel - this is where your post will be shown, getting maximum visibility for your posts.


How do I use Google Posts?

Uberall clients can make Google Posts work for them in a few simple steps. All you need to do is decide what you want to post: Special offers, customer campaigns or events.

For example, from now on:

Retailers can advertize price-reductions when the season changes.


Insurance agencies can inform new clients of special-offers.


Gas stations can win customers by keeping petrol prices up-to-date.


Valentine’s day? Mother’s day? Easter? Florists can showcase their fantastic floral special offers.


Tell your guests what the soup of the day is, before they even show up.


You can also create special events for your customers - if you’re open on bank holidays, for example, or special opening hours, or a one-day sale.

Each Google Post consists of a featured image, an editable text (of up to 300 characters), and an optional action button (“Learn More”, “Order Now” or “Reserve Now”) that can lead to a website (e.g. the company’s, etc.)

The long-awaited feature is centralized, usable from within the Location Marketing Cloud, alongside other major platforms such as Facebook and Yelp ; an invaluable resource for your business, as cross-platform digital marketing is revolutionizing the ways businesses and customers interact.

Global Platform, Local Search: Complete Visibility

Finally, the new feature also enriches the Google My Business profiles of company locations with fresh content - which boosts ranking in Local Search.

The Google Knowledge Panel, which now includes Google Posts, always appears when a specific business location is relevant to a user’s search on Google. The panel contains the address of the location, as well as opening times and customer reviews, and directs consumers directly to the shop through Google Maps integration.

With the new posts, local businesses can create an even more attractive Google presence for their businesses and intervene with the cycle of the local customer journey - this means you reach customers much more efficiently.

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For the time being Google has restricted Google Posts access to businesses managing a maximum of 10 locations in their Google My Business account. Google enables larger businesses to directly apply for the feature here.

If you want to reach us to learn more about Google Posts or Digital Location Marketing, then get in touch - we’re always here for you!

Yannick Sievers
Yannick Sievers