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Risks of unverified Google My Business listings

Not verifying Google My Business has consequences for both a business’s online presence and offline sales. Uberall gives companies control over their Google Locations whilst boosting local visibility. 

Small and medium-sized businesses as well as big chain store companies depend on full control over their location data and touch points on the internet to hold their ground in local online marketing.

Google Search, Google Maps, Google Plus: The ownership of essential touch points is directly connected to a business location’s visibility for potential walk-in customers.

Google My Business (GMB) is the central data source behind these Google services. Verified GMB listings are therefore indispensable for a maximum discoverability on the internet.

Lacking verification of GMB listings may have severe consequences for both a company’s online profile and offline sales.

Unverified means invisible

Unverified GMB listings suffer from reduced or nonexistent visibility in Google Search, Google Maps and other Google services.

Google Support states:

“The business information you provide us with won’t be eligible to appear on Google until you verify your business […]”


Since 2015 Google has even been deleting unverified listings specifically.

Unverified means defenceless

Unverified Google data may be changed by third parties at any time. Any user may change location data with a simple click on Suggest an edit in a Google listing’s Knowledge Graph.

In the same place an unverified Google listing may even be claimed and taken over by any user.

Screenshot of Google search with location graph

On the other hand, verified Google My Business listings which are connected and synchronized via Uberall benefit from effective protection against unvoluntary changes. Uberall checks the correctness and consistency of its location data daily, and overwrites any changes suggested by third parties.

Unverified means inefficient

Companies have no direct access to unverified location data presented in Google services such as Search and Google Maps. As outside parties they are solely left with the option to suggest edits like any public user (see above). If Google accepts the suggested edits there may be a processing period of several weeks.

Verified and Uberall-connected GMB listings on the other hand can be supplied with fresh data in real time. This is made possible by Uberall’s direct connectivity to the Google My Business API. This way Uberall enables companies to exercise authority over their location data.

GMB verification with Uberall

The process of verifying GMB accounts and Locations is unavoidable. However, generally there are few steps necessary to verify a GMB listing. The respective Google Support guide may be found here:

It’s even easier with Uberall.


Uberall’s Google connection harnesses the GMB API and is seamlessly integrated into the Local Management Cloud.

Verified Google listings can be created and connected directly from within the software. Alternatively, a full screen version of the connection process can be shared with responsible persons via hyperlink.

As soon as a Google account is selected, existing GMB listings can be connected to Uberall and at the same time new listings can be created (and immediately connected).

Uberall provides clean and up-to-date business profiles in Google services and numerous other sales-relevant channels. This is made possible through the complete control over location data and constant data reconciliation.

with our free presence check tool, you can analyse how well your business information is listed across the most important online directories.

Become visible for offline customers in online search, maximize control over your company’s online profile and efficiently update your location data. Verified Google My Business is the key. Uberall offers the best practice via Google API.

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