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No more hide & seek: Search, filter and find with Uberall’s Locator

Your customers need to know where your stores are if they’re going to buy from you - a simple fact of business, but a tricky tech problem nevertheless - especially for multi-location businesses. With Uberall’s Locator, you can create an easy-to-use storefinder and search-optimized store-location pages - meaning your new and existing customers will be able to find your stores easier than ever.

Imagine you want to buy something - you’re at home, and you suddenly have the irresistible urge to buy a new lamp or rug - something to add the finishing touch to a well-decorated living room. You go online, maybe get a little inspiration for what you want, and then google ‘furniture stores near me’, or ‘lamp stores near me’; or you already have an idea of where to get the important item - and you use the storefinder of a company website.

The point is, these days it’s absolutely vital that businesses have correct and relevant information about themselves online. This is because search engines need to pick this location information up, and storefinders need to be up-to-date and accurate; all because customers look for locations online. Therefore, maintaining and growing ‘local online visibility’ has become one of the central tasks of digital location marketing.

The Uberall Locator

The Locator is your all-purpose, heavy-duty mapping system. It covers both local search and storefinders. It efficiently combines an attractive online storefinder (in your corporate design) with search engine optimized location pages for each of your branches. Both features can be easily integrated with a few clicks on your company website.

Uberall blog image Locator

Your Storefinder: X marks the spot, no matter how specific you go

The storefinder displays a customizable map view of your locations. Thanks to geolocation and helpful filter options (e.g. for services such as customer parking, cashless payment or Sunday opening), your customers can find the right location near them.

Uberall blog image Locator filters

Your Local Pages: Make each store unique

In addition to the map view, the Locator creates a unique Local Page for each location. These pages are optimized according to the latest local SEO standards for search engines. Each page is indexed in Google, and can be displayed as a search result for local searches. In addition, the ranking power of your store locations’ Google My Business profiles will be sustained by platform-consistent location data.

Uberall blog image Local Pages

Combining a cutting-edge storefinder with SEO-savvy Local Pages, the Uberall Locator will guide your customers faster to your sites than ever before!

If you have any questions regarding the storefinder and the Location Marketing Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us at: US: +1 (628) 400 0150, UK: +44 (0)20 3769 3000 or