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NEW from Uberall: Manage Google Attributes within the Location Marketing Cloud

Adding context-rich information about your locations could be the difference between getting foot-traffic, and not. More customers than ever are looking for specific information about locations, which can only be supplied by attributes. In this article, we show you how Uberall can help you make attribute-related searches benefit you, using the Location Marketing Cloud.

Imagine the following:

You’re taking the family out for dinner - you’d like somewhere not too far from you, with good reviews. So far, so easy, right? But you also need a child-friendly restaurant, with baby-changing facilities - and you don’t have time to run to the ATM right now (the kids are hungry), so you need to be able to pay with card. What do you do?

Answer: If you said something like, ‘Google it’ - then you are completely right. When customers search for things they need, they provide search engines with all the data they’re looking for. It might seem like overloading the search request, but if companies provide rich enough data for Google Attributes, they can fulfil the search requirements perfectly.

Finding the perfect place to eat

For example, a person may search for:

Restaurant near me baby friendly pay with card

And then filter the remaining results manually, opting for the restaurant with the best reviews. While the example may be pretty specific, it’s representative of real-world Google usage: Customers search for everything from accessibility to whether the store stocks a specific product. And in the context of local search, the location with the richest data and most effective Google attributes will win the sales. With Uberall, you can now manage Google attributes directly within the Location Marketing Cloud for all your locations.

What exactly are attributes?

Attributes are simply structured data points which enrich search enquiries beyond the basic ‘store’ and ‘location’ enquiries. For example, they cover wheelchair accessibility, whether a location is smoker-friendly and if there are additional areas such as roof terraces, as well as others. Attributes have a significant influence on consumer decision making, since most customers do more than simply search for a product, service and location. They want the right service, location and attribute for them.

Google attributes questions improve 

Google is recognizing this trend for richer search enquiries, as users who visited the locations gave feedback to Google about the locations. They added attribute descriptions for the locations, enabling Google to enrich searches with context-specific information. Families will avoid the restaurants without child-friendly entertainments, singletons will choose bars with roof terraces (to get some of that lovely evening sun), and everyone will be interested in whether there’s parking and public transport nearby.

Again, taking control of Google My Business information for your locations is vital to drive foot-traffic to your stores, as adding attributes only expands the number of searches for which your locations become relevant. As well as ‘Italian food near me’, for example, you become relevant for ‘Italian food near me with parking’. Take control of all your locations with the Location Marketing Cloud and show your customers you offer what they want.

Oh, and if you needed reminding, 80% of all local search queries lead to offline purchases and 83% of them on the same day.

Google attributes SERPs

In the Control Center: Google My Business attributes

Uberall customers can now manage their locations’ attributes in the Control Center - no further activation required.

From now on, customers have the opportunity to manage these attributes in the Control Center of the Location Marketing Cloud for each location. The feature is already available, no further activation is necessary.

Simply define your company’s category, and define its corresponding attributes - you can modify these so that you have either blanket-attributes for all your locations, or indeed, site-specific ones. For wholesale changes, simply use the export/ import function. This allows you to provide potential customers with the important information they’re looking for, instantly, whether they’re using Google search, voice search or their navigation system.

Uberall app screenshot Google attributes

You can edit the Google attributes in the “Premium data” or “Additional data” tabs in the location view of your Control Center. Here you will find the list of attributes available, and the next time you sync, this will send this data to Google and overwrite any existing attributes. This ensures that the information is always correct.

If you have questions about Google Attributes or the Location Marketing Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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