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New: Comparative performance insights for all your Google and Facebook Locations

You can’t tell how well you’re performing without analytics. That’s why Uberall took Google My Business’ (GMB) updated API, and made it even more meaningful for multi-location business. We even made these insights comparable with your Facebook Location pages.

Aggregated performance data for all Google and Facebook Locations in the cloud

The API update 3.2 from GMB makes it possible to take performance insights for individual business profiles, using data pulled from Google Search and Google Maps. Uberall takes this update to the next level, aggregating and centralizing data for all your business profiles within the Location Marketing Cloud.

The Location Marketing Cloud’s dashboard now contains insights for all your business locations, comprising impressions and clicks of your business profiles. This enables our enterprise clients to see how far their reach extends for each business location, with data from the most important search engine in the world. Our resellers, meanwhile, receive aggregated and concise data about how their customers’ location profiles are performing.


What’s more, you can compare the reach and click-rate of your Google profiles with your Facebook Location Pages, allowing you to see which type of customer searches for you: General service seekers, or more engaged social media based consumers. This is vital information you can use to inform your online customer engagement strategy.

The new API addition doesn’t simply provide a snapshot of current performance; Instead, it lets you deep-dive into overall performance, with an 18-month history of clicks and impressions, regardless of when you became an Uberall client.

Measure your location marketing impact

Although the Location Marketing Cloud already provided a detailed analytics deck for clients, Uberall is happy to be able to enhance these insights from Google.

We are proud to be one of the world’s first companies to adapt the GMB API for our clients. Within a few hours of Google’s release, we made it possible to see aggregated performance insights in our single integrated dashboard. This is a significant extension of the API.


The new functionality will enable you to:

  • Look at all your Google My Business profile insights at a single glance.
  • Compare these insights with all your Facebook Location insights.
  • Deep-dive into your location history for all your profiles.

The Location Marketing Cloud already enables you to:

  • Manage all your location data from a single, innovative platform.
  • Design customized store locators to enhance your local search presence.
  • Manage both basic address data and rich content like categories, business descriptions or images.
  • Use your business information for in-house reporting, customer support tools and more.
  • Understand and track the performance of all locations across all Uberall services in a single dashboard.
  • Assign user roles to better control business data.
  • Monitor reviews and user-generated content of your businesses, and therefore understand perceptions of your brand.
  • Respond directly to feedback and user-generated content.
  • Create content to be posted across social media channels and the rest of the Uberall Listings Network, but also across all or individual locations, allowing tailored communication for each location.

“With the aggregated performance metrics for our profiles on Google, Facebook and all other major channels, we have a perfect decision-making tool for local marketing activities.” - Falko Wagner - Consumer Direct Sales, Vodafone.

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