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Multi-location business: Uberall is your guide to Facebook Location success

Using the new Uberall Guide to Facebook, chain stores can achieve maximum Facebook presence for all their store locations. Maximize your local visibility in the world’s biggest social network and beyond.

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ROPO: Getting more customers with Facebook

Digital life is more mobile and local than ever: More than 50% of total global web usage happens on mobile devices, whilst almost 50% of all Google searches have a local context.

This means that consumer behaviour is changing. In the local context, it’s shaped by the ROPO effect (research online, purchase offline).

Consumers provide offline trade for local businesses by researching products and deciding where to buy online. That’s why it’s vital for business locations to be visible at exactly the right moment of the online-to-offline customer journey. And not only in Google.

Through its Facebook Locations infrastructure, Facebook enables companies with chain stores to create and maintain the optimum local presence through location marketing for every location. Our guide shows you how.

The local Facebook: Great potential for chain store enterprises

The technology behind Facebook Locations has played a transformative role in transforming the social platform into a powerful digital location marketing channel. That’s why Uberall has integrated the technology with its pioneering cloud solution for location marketing.

Companies benefit greatly from this combination, reaping comprehensive benefits of a scalable social media presence on the basis of structured data:

  • Visibility in Facebook search for local stores and events
  • Increased Google visibility: Facebook Locations enjoy good ranking prospects in localized Google searches, and feed websites and Google profiles with SEO-relevant social signals
  • Customized location pages for every store, which enjoy unprecedented popularity and traffic on Facebook
  • Regular user-generated content: Facebook users ‘like’ and review favorite stores, upload photos and check in at locations

The Uberall Cloud offers centralized data management for all locations:

  • Updatability of complete location data in real-time, anytime
  • Centralized reputation management for all locations
  • Publishing of customized postings and offers for individual or all locations
  • Aggregated tracking of impressions and clicks for all locations, including direct comparison with Google performances of the same locations

Uberall Location Marketing Cloud - Screenshot

The Uberall Guide: Step-by-step towards the perfect Locations solution

The Uberall Guide is designed to assist multi-location businesses with the creation and subsequent management of an optimum Facebook presence for all their locations. It illustrates:

  • the importance of individual location pages on Facebook
  • the creation of structured location profiles in the Uberall Cloud
  • the Facebook connectivity of the Uberall Cloud
  • how to maintain and cultivate optimum Facebook listings in the Uberall Cloud
  • the functionality of Facebook and its many benefits for local businesses
  • the effect Facebook Locations have on local Google visibility

Uberall Guide to Facebook - Screenshot

Uberall clients will be guided through the creation and management process by our support team. They will also receive a more detailed customer version of the guide which enables them to fully explore the possibilities of Facebook management with the Location Marketing Cloud.

Optimize your business presence on Facebook and benefit from the power of customized Facebook Locations. Download the Uberall Guide to Facebook now!

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