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Today, 80% of consumers are using search engines, online directories, apps, map services and GPS devices on a daily basis to find products and services in their local area. Local businesses lacking presence in any of these channels are at a competitive disadvantage when it comeso customer acquisition. The software by allows businesses and traders to increase their online visibility by creating a separate, optimised company profile in all of the above channels for each branch and each location.

Increasinghe online visibility of stationary businesses and the on-site customer frequency is just one thing. Managing customer ratings and feedback is an entirely different matter. For us, however, the two attributes are inextricably linked. Maintaining a holistic online presence requires precise awareness of what is being communicated about a brand and its locations over the Internet. Every business needs to know how its customers experience the service and products on site at the stores.

Allow us to introduce our Reputation Management Hub, which has become even more powerful after we integrated the Spotistic service.

Let us start at the beginning – what is the Reputation Management Hub?

Every customer of has the option of using the Reputation Management Hub as an additional tool on top of our listing service.he backend displays all customer feedback, i.e. all comments and customer ratings that have been entered into the various directories and channels in relation to individual locations and branches. This grants our customers access to a centralised system listing both their locations and information about how customers have rated them.


Which advantages does the Reputation Management Hub offer?

Customer feedback is a central component of any online presence. For customers, the Internet constitutes a platform to discuss their experiences of a product or a service. Consumers frequently shareheir experience in the form of tweets, Facebook posts, likes, check-ins, photo uploads or star-based ratings after a purchase or visit. Stationary stores and local businesses can specifically influence the reputation of their company by monitoring and analysingheir customer feedback on a continuous basis. Simply ignoring customer ratings is similar to a customer service department ignoringheir e-mails without as much as a glance. It would be difficult to find a company considering this good practice – why would such an approach be more acceptable online?

he Reputation Management Hub allows business to keep an eye on their reputation at all times.

Its benefits at a glance:

  • Nevermiss ratings or feedback again! -Uberall consolidates customer feedback from all connected directoriesin its backend, including Google My Business, Facebook, Instagramand Foursquare, so you can easily stay on top of things.
  • Onesystem for reviews of all locations - onlyone log-in needed! You no longer have to invest time in themaintenance of other tools.
  • Quickresponse byintelligent filteringbusinesscan analyse within seconds which branches are generating problems orparticularly positive feedback.
  • Lowcost- using one tool only has positive effects on your expenses.
  • Nouser limit - thebusiness is free to specify the number of back-end users andoallocate user rights for the location management system. Forinstance: only district managers can gain access to customer ratingsin their region, which enables them to influence the respectivelocations in a targeted manner.


Which channels can I monitor?

Ifhe Reputation Management Hub is activated, customer feedback and ratings from all directories and channels included in the uberListing Network are fed directly into the back end, provided they include the required feedback function. Directories and platforms can be activated and removed from the list manually. The uberListing network is being expanded constantly to ensure that businesses do not need to worry about any other potential monitoring channels.

Are any other functions planned? aims to offer the best, most extensive online presence management solution to its customers. This is why our in-house team of developers is continuously working on new functions and features.

he following steps are planned for our Reputation Management Hub:

  • Replyand react to comments directly from the back end
  • Addnew networks and directories
  • OnFacebook, monitor not only ratings but also posts from visitors

How can I use the Reputation Management Hub?

Customers of can unlock the Reputation Management Hub in a few simple steps and clicks. They can specify exactly which directories and networks to monitor for customer feedback.

In order to import and manage feedback from Facebook, the Facebook website needs to be connected to the back end manually. All other networks and directories are provided automatically. By default, the Reputation Management Hub displays all directories that provide their users with a rating function. hopes you will enjoy monitoring your reputation!