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In 163 days around the world - our event tour in the first half of 2017

30 events, 3 continents, and we’re only halfway through the year. From Berlin via San Francisco to Taipei - in the first half of 2017 Uberall sponsored, exhibited and spoke at some of the world’s most important events on digital location marketing.

Putting the pedal to the metal

As the leading digital location marketing provider, Uberall is happy to travel the world, spreading the word about the importance of structured location data, and new methods of bringing customers to stores.

Some events are specifically for the ‘enterprise’ side of our business - that is, for business owners who will directly use the Location Marketing Cloud for their store locations. Then there are other events, specifically for our tech partners, who will incorporate the Cloud as a part of their product offerings. But it’s also important to go to events to keep up with the latest trends in retail and tech, so we’re always able to anticipate the future of Location Marketing.

Plus, put simply, these events are always a lot of fun!

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Marketing Summits, Tech Exhibitions & More

In the first half of 2017, Uberall went to more events than ever before, resulting in many interesting business opportunities and collaborations. Here’s a roundup of some of the most eventful and inspiring ones.

Online Marketing Rockstars, Hamburg; March


In March the entirety of online marketing rockstars was invited to the Hamburg exhibition halls. This is a kind of big-class meeting of the online marketing world, and the Uberall stand offered a forum for lively discussions about digital location marketing on both days.

Salon E-Marketing, Paris; April


“Connectez, disruptez et augmentez votre Digital Marketing”: You probably don’t need to recall any high-school level French to get the meaning here. The Salon E-Marketing in Paris is one of the most important events in France for Digital Location Marketing, which is why our VP Strategic Partnerships, Bernhard Friedrichs, attended, and further explored opportunities in the highly-valuable French market.

Streetfight Summit, Brooklyn; June


Streetfight Magazine hosted the summit meeting of founders, techies & investors, focussing on the rapid evolution of hyperlocal marketing this year. Some of the most prominent speakers from the world’s largest digital brands were invited.

Adding to that illustrious company, our VP Partner Growth Elisabeth Kurek spoke about the immense potential that digital location marketing provides for the global SME market.

And before we have time to unpack…

We’ll be hitting the road again; first, the ANA Conference in San Diego where we will be present as exhibitors. For more than 100 years, the Association of National Advertisers has stood for innovative benchmarking, brand building and networking more than any other institution.

From 12 to 14 July, you can meet co-founder Josha Benner and Sales Directors Joshua Soros and James Barnes at Booth # 2 of the ANA Digital & Social Media Conference. Make sure you have an appointment now!

We are looking forward to an even more event-filled second half of the year and many encounters with old acquaintances and new partners.

Bye for now! / See you! / Good bye! / ¡Hasta pronto! / A presto! / よ う な ら 今 今 の こ ろ ろ

Your Uberall team

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