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How to Drive Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store: Takeaways from 2017

How do customers find your store or restaurant? How can your business rise to the top of Google’s local search results? What tools will help brick and mortar businesses succeed in an economy that increasingly turns to the internet for solutions?

These were some of the questions we answered for retailer marketers last week at Retail Innovation Lounge, where many of the world’s top retail influencers gathered to network, learn from insightful speakers, and join the discussion about the future of e-commerce and brick and mortar stores.

One of Uberall’s retail experts, Paul Berman, was a speaker at the event. He shared ideas about how the world’s growing dependence on online services can mean exponential growth for businesses at the local level. The message was clear. Uberall’s Location Marketing Cloud enables companies to enjoy an effective location marketing strategy that will multiply the foot-traffic finding their stores.


His talk and Uberall’s solution caught a lot of attention at the event, and Retail Dive even featured an interview with Paul Berman in their article, 7 takeaways on retail’s future from .

Here’s why location marketing is a big deal regarding the future of retail:

Product “near me” searches have increased by 146% in the last year, and consumers increasingly search online before deciding which stores to visit and where to locally spend their money.

For brick and mortar store owners, this trend emphasizes the growing need for your business to stand out in local search results, or risk missing out on invaluable foot traffic that is already shopping nearby for your products and expertise.

In other words, digital location marketing is becoming paramount to the success of brick and mortar businesses. With the right implementation, businesses can take strides ahead of their local competitors.

Fortunately, even for online marketing novices, the solution for ranking well on Google isn’t as distant from your storefront as it may sometimes feel.

When someone googles for a product “near me,” there’s an algorithm that arranges local businesses by the most relevant search results, prioritizing certain businesses over others based on a variety of factors Google finds most valuable. (I’ll tell you about some of these later.)

For businesses at the top of Google’s local search results, this prioritization means more foot-traffic to those stores, higher sales, and better customer satisfaction. These shops and restaurants tend to be easy to find, have up-to-date business information, and provide the products and services these customers were looking for.

The coders at Google work hard to present consumers with the most relevant local businesses that will provide eager customers with the right stores and products. It’s your job as a business owner to meet the expectations that Google’s algorithm wants to prioritize.

These expectations include:

To many business owners’ dismay, the process of implementing every factor listed above can equate to a full-time job, with weeks – if not months – of follow-up work. Entering the right information for each business can take more hours than most people have time to accomplish and keep up with on their own.

In steps Uberall.

Instead of you spending precious weeks or months trying to beef up search engine relevance on your own, our software will do it for you. The result:  Foot traffic galore! 

As we saw from the enthusiasm at, Uberall’s knack for focusing organic online consumer behavior to increase sales and foot traffic for businesses is a development that stands out, even amid a large crowd of other pioneering technologies. The best part is, this “future” innovation is available today.

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