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How to Appear at The Top of “Near Me” Search Results: Niche SEO Tactics from SMX East

Maintaining an easy-to-find online business presence can mean generating a passive stream of foot traffic. And this isn’t just your typical consumer: Studies show that “near me” searches tend to inform a same-day shopping decision. This means ready-to-spend consumers looking locally for your products and services. Think With Google gives statistics to the process:

“50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day, and 18% of those searches lead to a purchase within a day. If they’re unsure where to eat, nearly half of people won’t search for a restaurant until within an hour of going.”

Setting your business locations apart, and making sure these ready-to-buy consumers find your store easily, takes tactful Location Marketing strategy.

Niche SEO Tactics at SMX East

We brought this strategy to SMX East, the largest search engine conference in the world. Brains and brands from across the globe attended to share and learn the latest breakthrough strategies for SEO and SEM.

We spoke with fellow attendees from across the globe to help multi-location businesses show up in local search results and stand out from their competitors.

Even at the largest SEO event in the world, our niche expertise in SEO caught ample attention. Uberall gave over 60 individual Location Marketing consultations, and packed-out a venue for Paul Berman’s presentation, The Mobile Shopper Mapped, which discussed solutions businesses can use to optimize their “near me” relevance.

There are many SEO strategists out there who can help send search traffic to an e-commerce website. Uberall deals in the SEO that gets foot traffic into your physical store locations.

The way we saw it, our contribution to SMX East came in the form of answers we provided to two pressing marketing questions:

Question 1: When customers search for products “near me,” how do businesses improve their search engine relevance to stand out from local competitors?

There’s a lot that search engine algorithms consider to rank businesses for “near me” searches, but we’ve determined that there are 5 processes that make the most substantive difference:

1. Create and flesh out a Google My Business account

It’s simple + It’s free + It makes a substantial difference for your business in Google’s algorithm.

The more relevant content you can add about your business, the better. More information means that Google can match your business to a more diverse selection of search engine requests. In other words, more people find your products when they want to.

2. Create Citations with Consistent Business Information Across Multiple Platforms

As any SEO marketer will tell you, content is key. In the case of Location Marketing, content means consistent information across all your online business websites.

3. Eliminate Excess and Incorrect Information About Your Business

If it wasn’t already inferred in the last point, eliminating incorrect information online about your business is vital. Not only will Google prioritize businesses with consistent information, your customers also expect accurate information. There are few things more off-putting to a consumer than arriving at the door of a business to find it closed after the internet said otherwise.

4. One Landing Page for Every Location

If your business has multiple locations, this does not mean you need to go off and create a new website for every location. A simple landing page for each will do just fine. But make sure it’s built with SEO in mind: provide a localized URL structure, link between landing pages, structure content, have a sitemap, etc.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Product “near me” searches are conducted primarily from smartphones. Maintaining a mobile-friendly website is imperative. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites, and customers find it easier to navigate to make their buying decision.

Learn more about the 5 Building Blocks of Local Search.

Missing out means falling behind competitors, and taking initiative means gaining the upper hand locally for consumers using their mobile devices to find local products and services.

Question 2: What is Location Marketing?

Location Marketing is Uberall’s solution to optimizing business locations to be found in mobile search results. For multi-location businesses, investing time to manually reconstruct your online appearance across a large number of platforms is impractical.

Uberall simplified the local SEO process for multi-location businesses. Through our Location Marketing Cloud, Uberall makes it easy to control all your local business information from a single, easy-to-use platform.

If juggling the responsibility of multiple online presences is stealing too much of your time, it’s time to optimize your time and maximize your output and let Uberall help you get ready-to-buy consumers through your doors.

Yannick Sievers
Yannick Sievers