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Google goes social: Posts directly in search results

Just when you thought Google couldn’t be any more valuable for your company, it goes ahead and develops a postings feature so you can reach your customers. The feature will drive Google’s development as a social platform - making Uberall even more relevant for your business.

Direct customer communication for offers, promotions, events

Google Posts allows Google My Business users to publish content directly within Google search results. For example, you can publish product offers, customer campaigns or events at your locations. Up till this point, if you wanted to do this, you had pay for AdWords. Now it’s free!

Uberall are already working closely with Google, to ensure Google’s Posts feature is seamlessly integrated into the  Location Marketing Cloud  - meaning all your locations will be covered, very soon.

The new feature is integrated with the Google Local Pack. The pack automatically appears for one or more company sites that are relevant to the search (for example, a Google search for “Jim’s Coffee Shop” would bring up all the Jim’s coffee stores in the local pack). The Local Pack contains the address of the site, as well as opening times and  customer ratings, and directs consumers directly to the store through Google Maps integration.

Uberall blog image google local pack

Thanks to Google Posts, the Local Pack is even more useful for customers, being filled with attractive, informative content - and actually becomes a game changer in digital location marketing. Local businesses can now intervene even more effectively in the local Customer Journey, for example, posting special offers for new customer acquisition directly into Google.

Uberall blog image google posts

Each Google Post consists of a posting, a text (up to 300 words), and an optional call to action button (“Learn More”, “Order Now” or “Reserve Now”).

Next generation digital location marketing, today

The possibilities for using the Google Posts are numerous, with a lot of potential for all industries. Imagine the following directly in the Local Pack:

  • Sale: Today Only!
  • Today’s menu
  • Reserve a room in a few clicks (N.b. Google Posts are not yet available for business caregory Hotel)
  • Or, from a recent post: Special Opening Hours

If you want to promote an event like a one-day sale, you can also set the event title and time period. A step-by-step guide for Google Posts is available at official Google Support.

The Local Pack will become even more important with Google Posts, and Uberall predicts it will become the key element of local online visibility; location specific content in the world’s biggest search engine - a pretty important deal.

Since half of all Google searches worldwide already have a local reference, the Local Pack appears for almost all of the local searches. During the research phase of the customer journey, customers are especially open to new information - making Google posts a perfect tool to persuade new and repeat customers to come to your stores.

blog image customer journey

(Get the complete infographic here!)

We’re working with Google to make sure this function becomes available as soon as possible for Uberall customers. We’ll keep you up to date!

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