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Feature Update - Company Presence Check

We are excited to showcase some of the improvements we’ve made to our feature: the Company Presence Check. This is a key feature for our resellers who are offering our product as a white label to their customers. To demonstrate value to their customers, who are usually local SME’s, resellers can use this presence check as a great selling and support tool.

At Uberall, we are always aiming to improve our features, and last week we made a few key updates to our Company Presence Check that are especially applicable to our resellers. We know that the resellers we work with strive to provide the best possible support to their customers. Part of the local business’ customer journey includes performing a status check before and after they have implemented Uberall’s white label Presence Management Solution, so we’ve made a few helpful changes.

Basic listing data for our existing customers is now displayed clearly on the left side of the screen. This data displayed here is synchronised in each directory included in the chosen plan.


We let these customers know when they need to provide missing information. If the reseller’s customers are not listed on all directories or data is missing, these directories will be displayed under the Company Presence Check. Businesses can directly login to update the missing details.


We now separate directories that are in a customer’s product plan and those that are not in the product plan. If the customers decide to be present in more directories, they can upgrade directly from this page. This makes life much easier for resellers and offers additional upselling opportunities.

Platforms and other car directories without online listings are now included with the special status “Published” instead of “Online.” This is because many navigation systems are not connected to the Internet, so updates cannot be made in real time. We publish all updates as soon as they are made, and these will appear on navigation systems when customers either purchase a new system or update their existing one.


You can check the status of your business by trying out our Company Presence Check (click “Check Now”).

Posted by Uberall