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FAQ: Google My Business - The Direct Line to your Customers

If you want to appear in Google’s search results and Google Maps, you can’t get around Google My Business. We are answering the most common questions about this important directory for local businesses.

What is Google My Business?

With Google My Business, companies can manage their online presence within the Google universe. By using this powerful directory, you can keep control of how your business appears in the Internet and ensure that customers get accurate information (opening times, directions, contact information) about your locations. The tool also helps you make sure that your company is found on all Google’s channels (Google Search, Google Maps, Google +). Further, Google My Business facilitates direct interaction with customers and helps connect them to your business.

What does Google My Business cost?

It’s free.

How do you get started?


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What information should go in my profile?

The only requirements are a Google account and a postal code. Simply go to the main page of Google My Business and click on “Get on Google” on the upper right corner. You can then set up your profile by following the step by step instructions. Make sure you are selecting the optimal category for your business.

The last step is the verification of your account. This is to ensure that only authorised parties are able to claim a local company’s account. Google sends a postcard with a verification code to the company’s specified address, usually within four days.

What happened to my old Google Places and Google + Profiles?

The company data will be automatically transferred to Google My Business.

Am I the only one with access to the site?

Each site can only have one owner. You may, however, invite up to 50 managers via email and they will also be able to manage the company information.

Do I need to create a new account for each business location?

No, that’s not necessary. Through the central Google My Business dashboard, you are able to manage several branches, but each location must be verified individually. If your company has ten or more locations, the verification process can be done in one go as a bulk-upload. On its support page, Google explains how the bulk-upload function works. As a Uberall customer this is included as a part of our services. Users without bulk verification are able to add up to 100 local pages to their Google account.

What information should go in my profile?


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Hardly anything is more frustrating for customers than when information on company profiles is wrong or outdated. Correct and up-to-date information boosts confidence among customers and increases the reputation of a business. This includes a company’s phone number, address, website, email address and exact opening times. Particularly if the latter changes and customers are left standing outside closed doors, they will probably not visit your business again. Since November 2015, you also have the possibility to add special opening times, such as for holidays.

With a variety of locations, the maintenance of all relevant information requires a huge amount of work. With software-based solution from Uberall, you can completely manage your profiles from a single easy-to-use platform. This way, your data is not only published in real-time, but also checked for consistency and protected against third party manipulation.

Ideally, an inquiry in Google Search or Maps should deliver enough information so that the customer has all the necessary information at hand without needing additional clicks. It’s definitely worthwhile drafting a thoughtful description of your business, highlighting the tone and character of your company. In addition, it helps to integrate relevant keywords to optimize your placement in the relevant search results.

Is that enough?

Actually, no. Experts advise companies to enrich their profiles with at least three to five photos. This can be particularly useful to businesses that cannot yet rely on a wealth of positive reviews and many followers. Show customers that you have nothing to hide and use images to attract them to your location. The appeal of images in a profile is huge. According to Google, companies that add location photos to their profile receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to their websites.

With the Uberall software, you can completely automate the image uploading process. The save time, our overview and control centre show you how your location will look on Google.


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We attracted a visitor. Now what?

Not all customers express their opinions directly at the business location. Online reviews are thererfore a good way to continue the dialogue with the customer. While Yelp frowns upon the practice of actively asking for reviews, Google has no problem with this approach. Positive reviews really help new potential customers to make purchasing decisions. And when the owner takes the time to thank reviewers, it makes customers perceive the business even more favourably.

Negative comments can be especially helpful for Reputation Management. Complaints may well point to real problems. By vowing to improve and encouraging return visits, a business can likely win over a regular customer. When it comes to unjustified accusations, however, craft a thought-out reply indicating that you cannot be everything to everyone. This can also raise the profile of your company.

What else can Google My Business Do?

The analytics function of the tool can be particularly useful for your businesses. Google Insights, for example, shows how many people visit your company’s website monthly or how often they call, comparing these trends to previous periods.

How many times has a post been read and was it interesting to all followers or mainly to new customers? In which regions have users most frequently searched Google Maps for directions to your location? How often have you been called by clicks to your phone number directly on through your profile? How old are your followers, what interests do they have and what countries do they come from? Google My Business puts together all theses statistics for you and more in-depth follower analysis are possible up to 200 fans. For small or new businesses, this is another reason to attract new visitors to your profile.

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