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Facebook Locations API - Manage Your Locations in Real-Time with Uberall

Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world. For a long time, it has not only been interesting for individuals, but also important for companies as a contact point with potential customers. With Facebook Locations, the social network now highlights its focus on local search.

At Uberall, we are one of the first providers worldwide to offer the Facebook Locations API, so your businesses can manage all its main and sub-pages in real-time from one central platform. Facebook Locations, a feature aimed at companies with multiple branches, allows brands to manage a main page for the company and subpages for each of their locations. Although the benefits for multi-branch businesses are significant, managing each page while keeping a consistent brand identity across the board can be a huge challenge.

Uberall’s new Facebook Location API makes it easy and cost-effective to manage all your pages, so you can focus your efforts on what matters - engaging customers and increasing sales.

Benefits of Facebook Locations

Store finder: Facebook shows a map with all the stores in the area to customers that visit a brand page. This ensures that users can always find a store nearby if they are interested in your company and its products.

Centralized Management: Profile and cover photos needs to be the same on all pages which, although a bit limiting when it comes to design, helps to create consistency across all Facebook Location pages. Opening hours and phone numbers, however, almost always vary from store to store. This information can now be quickly and efficiently managed and updated with the Uberall technology

More flexibility on location pages: Each piece of content and advertising can be deployed exactly where it will have the greatest impact. Brand messages and corporate news are consequently published on the main page, while local offers and promotions can be shown on the most relevant subpages.

Better control: companies can manage the main page and have access to the location pages, while the subpages are administered by the respective branch managers, who do not have access to all pages.

Better overview: The number of visitors to each location page is aggregated and appears on the main page.

Take advantage of Facebook Locations with Uberall

Anyone wishing to use the features of Facebook Locations, must change its marketing strategy accordingly. Content and advertising must be displayed on the right page and be tailored to the appropriate channel. There is also the challenge of keeping all the content published consistent.

At Uberall, we help you to centrally manage your company’s main and sub Facebook pages through our Location Control Center. You can create new site pages and connect existing ones to the company’s main page. The location pages can be managed centrally or by the responsible administrator, such as the assigned branch manager. By using Uberall’s software, you can manage all your locations data in one platform and publish content specifically for each respective page.

Managing all your data through our Location Control Center not only reduces costs, but also helps to ensure that the information on each location page matches with all other platforms and directories where your locations appear.

Similar to how updates are made on Google My Business accounts, all changes are made directly in connection to Facebook via a special interface (API) - meaning any changes you make are visible immediately. .

Link: Request Locations Access on Facebook

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