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Customized performance reporting from your NEW Uberall Dashboard

How do your business locations perform in Google and Facebook? The new dashboard delivers a detailed breakdown

The dashboard now displays all clicks and impressions your business locations receive in Google and Facebook in separate widgets, making it easier to see trends between the two platforms. Additionally, the different types of clicks are broken down for Google Search and Google Maps to show a user’s journey: Do users immediately click on Directions, do they visit your website first, or are they directly calling your location?

We’ve also added entirely new performance metrics from Google My Business, including: queries, views and photos. You can now answer questions such as:

In which types of Google queries are your locations being found?

When a location’s Google profile appears as the result for a search query, Google distinguishes between two types of searches: was the location profile shown for a direct or an indirect (“Discovery”) search query?

Direct searches are done by users who already know the name or address of your location and who are looking for directions or more information. Indirect searches - called “Discovery searches” by Google - refer to a more general search on a specific business category, product, or service. These users have not yet decided where to buy, making indirect searches especially valuable as they are done by new customers, when they’re in the mindset to purchase, giving you the perfect opportunity to convert them.

The Uberall dashboard now shows the breakdown between direct and indirect searches for the selected locations.

How high is your visibility in traditional Google Search, compared to Google Maps?

Our new widget gives a comprehensive overview of where your location profiles are being viewed: Google Search or Google Maps.

How many Google photos are being displayed?

The new dashboard showcases the total number of owned and user-generated photos that are collected on your locations’ Google profiles, as well as total impressions, all monitored in real-time.

How do your Google Posts perform?

See insights into the performance of your published Google Posts including total views and clicks to see user interaction and overall trends. (Google Posts currently available for businesses with up to 10 locations)

Create your own performance overview and custom reports

Easily create customized and individual performance overviews for specific sales regions, group of locations or over a specific period of time. The displayed data can be filtered by location name, city, address or used labels .

Your can use these handy reports to efficiently brief internal stakeholders on marketing successes and trends in online visibility. Simply export the customized dashboard - including performance data - as an Excel file. The dashboard for a single location can still be exported in PDF format, a valuable tool for our resellers in communicating the platform’s many benefits to individual clients.

The new dashboard: your management summary

We’ve also updated the overall UI of the dashboard, making it easier and clearer to see your profile completeness, check the publication status of your listings and see how many duplicate s are currently being suppressed and in which directories.

Rounding out your management summary is the “activity stream” on the right side of the dashboard, showing all new customer reviews as well as other user interactions in real-time.

Do you have questions about the new dashboard? Contact us now via!

Yannick Sievers
Yannick Sievers