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Create Social Media Posts and Turn Them Into Templates Your Team Can Leverage With ‘Template Library” - Uberall’s New Engage Feature

Posting Library: Stay in Control of How You Communicate Online

We might just be taking your social media game to the next level with this one. Our shiny new Template Library feature, which is located in the “Publish” section, doesn’t just let you craft slick Facebook and Google posts, but also gives you an option to save them so that you can use them as a template. This means you never have to craft a post about a seasonal offering from scratch ever again, and that you can support your location managers by offering a selection of compelling posts to choose from that definitely adhere to your brand identity.

Templates: Building a Unified Brand Narrative Across Social

Templates can be shared with and used by other Uberall users within your organisation, allowing your team to be more agile when it comes to social media posting and saving them heaps of guesswork about your brand’s narrative when crafting new posts.

With templates your team can easily create in-brand publications autonomously empowering you to delegate and de-centralise the task of social media posting for your products and services, while very much staying in-control.

What Can You Do With the New Posting Library of Templates?

  • Easily create templates: Save new or already existing posts as templates in one click

easily create social media posting library templates

  • Share templates with others: Allow other users to access and create posts from your templates

share template button

  • Create fast new posts from templates: See templates that you have created and shared with others on top of the Publish section, so you can easily select and post

social media templates with images

  • Manage your library: you have the option to edit/delete any of your templates and, if you are an admin, also modify templates shared by other users

Uberall Posting library template

Start leveraging the Template Library today by navigating to the ‘Publish’ section in your toolbar, or reach out to a member of our Success team if you would like to find out more!