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Citation Building is more important than ever

It builds local online presence for websites, which is pretty important in a world where half of all Google searches have a local reference. This is mainly due to the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), where consumers search online for a product or service which they then use or buy offline. Local businesses need their search results to be prominently displayed so to capitalize on the ROPO trend.

Our infographic shows how Citation Building works, and why local SEO visibility is vital for business locations no matter which industry they work in.

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Why is local visibility in search engines important?

ROPO makes it essential that local companies ensure they fit the search requests users actually submit on Google and other search engines; For example, organic vegetables Islington London, or Bioladen Hamburg Altona.

But how and where exactly in Google, Bing & Co. should a business be visible? One of the most important platforms is of course, Google Maps. In Maps, search results are directly linked to the world’s largest search engine, and have information about location and accessibility of a business. In addition, important information such as opening times and customer evaluations are displayed.

Consumers who do not directly use Google Maps to find a particular product near them often use the “normal” Google search. For search queries involving a local reference, e.g. “Nearby” or a place name, the search engine will display the so-called  3-Pack  (also called Local Pack).

Citation building boosts visibility in Google 3-Pack

It contains the essential information about up to three places that Google rated as relevant to the search query. In addition, the Google Maps view is directly embedded for the same search query (with more results).

Visibility for business-relevant Google searches means more sustainability and competitiveness for business locations. To achieve this, businesses need to create Targeted Citation Building on a range of platforms.

What is Citation Building?

Having reliable information about businesses on Google builds consumer confidence. Building reliable information, a business’ location, its opening hours, its service, etc. - grows with every clear mention of business in online pages. Any ambiguity of variation in the naming of a business, its address on directory entries, on websites, or in forums impacts what Google takes to be its authenticity.

In other words, if your business isn’t called the same thing, and listed at the same address, with the same opening hours, across all platforms, Google will not post the search results of that business very high: Everything needs to be standard and complete.

These digital mentions of business name and address are called citations.

The targeted and structured development of these online references is referred to as  Citation Building . It ensures that search engines recognize the existence of the real business location as confirmed by several pages - citations are thus a direct ranking factor for search results. The higher and more structured the reference density for a business, the more likely it appears, e.g. in the Google Local Pack, or in Google Maps.

citation building helps Google local pack ranking

You can download our infographic here!

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