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How to ‘Quick Check’ if Your Local Business Listings Are Optimised

Finding local business listings is easy. Making sure your business information is accurate and consistent for search engines isn't. That's why it's so important to have a local listing checker tool.

We have a free one here. And in this article, I am going to explain how to use it.

What is Citation Building?

Like I said, finding online business directories and listing your business location information is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or NAP (Name, address, phone). Listing a business location's NAP is as foundational to local SEO as learning to spell your own name. 

The problem here is that when you are citation building (adding your business information to many online business directories), it is natural that minor variations of our business details creep in, which is not ideal for perfectly optimized online citations. 

In fact, only a small percentage of businesses actually manage to create accurate and consistent online business listings.

The Importance of NAP for SEO

We carried out a study last year that involved 73,000 business locations that just looked at listings accuracy across Google, Yelp and Bing - three of the most important directories to have accurate local listings. We found that only 4% of all locations we analysed had accurate listings across these three directories. The rest had problems with their NAP.

What Are Local Citations?

Citations are basically any mention of your business information online. Search engines use that information about your business to assess whether they should suggest your business to users searching for products or services which you provide. Today, your name, address and phone number are not enough. Correct citation building involves:

  1. Address 
  2. Opening hours 
  3. Phone number 
  4. Business name 
  5. Website 
  6. ZIP code

How to Carry Out Your Free Business Listing Scan and Presence Check:

Citation building isn't rocket science, but it does require attention to detail if you are going to do it manually across multiple directories. There are many articles out there that will give you a list of directories, but you need a local listing checker or SEO citation checker (same thing) to make sure your information is accurate and that you are really optimized for SEO when Google comes crawling.

How to Check Your Local Listings with Uberall's Presence Check Tool

Step 1: Click on the link and sign-up for our local listing checker tool

You'll be redirected to a page that looks like this: 

local listing checker

If you have locations in multiple countries, make sure each location address you enter also has the right country added in the far left tab before putting the address information in, or you'll get an error.

Step 2: Enter your exact company name

Because listings should be accurate, our local citation checker will detect even minor inconsistencies of your business name (for instance: It would be Starbucks, not Starbucks Coffee). So make sure you enter the exact business name as you have listed it online or you won't get the correct picture.

Step 3: Enter the street and number of your business

You can usually just copy / paste your street number and zip code directly from your Google My Business profile. Make sure you fill in all boxes before clicking the 'check now' button.

local citation finder

Step 4: Understanding your local listing score

Now this is where the fun begins. Our free listings tool will show your local listing accuracy across a large selection of the most important directories in the particular country you have filtered for (the directories will be different by country). 

check your local listings score

At first sight, the score for Starbucks Coffee's San Francisco location looks pretty low (19%). However, don't panic if you get a similar score. Our listings tool is very thorough and picks up any inaccuracy in a business listing. 

citation building tool

This means that, if there is a single error in your listing (even a minor variation in the name, the website is missing or you have not added photos), it will be recorded as incorrect. 

This is very helpful for businesses that want to be as accurate as possible and have a guide to optimising their online citations as they go.

Step 5: fix errors in your online citations

You can now use our tool to diagnose and fix the minor (or major) errors in your business listings. You can choose to either manually fix these errors or use a location management tool like Uberall to add a single correct listing across every major directory at once. 

Sign-up for Uberall's local listing checker tool now and start using it for free immediately.

Brad Fagan
Brad Fagan

Brad Fagan is a market insights expert at Uberall. He writes many of Uberall’s foundational reports and loves to dive deep into data to find out what makes consumers tick. He is also a keen evangelist on the power of location marketing strategies and harnessing reviews to increase consumer engagement.