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Building Global Local Brand Trust with a Single Source of Truth

For global organisations, ensuring data accuracy across all your locations is no mean feat. But it is essential to build and maintain global brand trust amongst local consumers, in order to grow that all important foot traffic. 

In our last post in this series, which features findings from our recent report, Creating a Successful Global Local Brand, we talked about the importance of setting up an excellent multilateral communications strategy. 

Today, we are pulling together the insights from over 20 brand leaders included in the report to establish and curate what is known as a “single source of truth.” 

When it comes to your brand, the single source of truth is an in-house master data management system that gives you complete control of the information published externally about your brand. It is the fastest and most accurate way of creating an agile information flow between location managers and head office, which ensures local consumers are accessing the right information at the right time. 

In fact, establishing a single source of truth was the main focus of all senior project leads we interviewed. Here’s what they told us:

1. Build local brand trust with right data at the right time

It's critical to establish a reliable ongoing source of data accuracy before trying to begin any sort of reputation management, such as reviews or social media. A single source of truth allows an efficient location data cleanse, giving companies a place to store up-to-date data, so the right information is available in real-time—exactly when it is needed.

2. Maintain local brand trust with the latest location MarTech

Brand managers we interviewed stressed the importance of not trying to reinvent the wheel. They recommend partnering with a knowledgeable location marketing software provider that has an API connection to a large network of directories. Automating listings will enable you to connect your single source of truth directly to the sources that your customers trust most for information. This not only saves you the labour-intensive step of porting that data from system to system, but it also minimises human error and ensues no platform is missed. 

By connecting your global location master data with the right MarTech solution, you can pull two data repositories into a single resource. Managers only need to add information once and can quickly disseminate it across a network of 130+ directories.

3. Retain local brand trust with consistent data quality

Location data should never be set up and forgotten. 

As location information is constantly changing, brands need to manage all changes from one place. This means updating local level data directly into the master data system so it can be kept up-to-date across your directory ecosystem. If done right, this will increase visibility in search engines, increase trust and positively impact customer reviews. 

During the recent pandemic, McDonald’s Germany needed to update their opening hours on an almost daily basis. Because local store managers are always the first to know when key business information changes, they empowered them to log in to their in-house master data management system and update the information quickly. This meant that McDonald’s Germany could quickly and efficiently manage data for their almost 1,500 locations. As everybody was working from a single source of truth, they were able to stay extremely agile and consistently provide online store information that customers could trust.

“Over time we realised that if you have a certain number of restaurants, it’s important that you have one player (like headquarters) that keeps everything together but if you want to create a real local experience on a personal level, individual level, you need to enable your location owners to give input and personalise the local experience.

Secondly, you need a master data self service platform that every system user can login to, change the data (opening hours etc) and transmit to us the changes that need to be approved and go live within a day. Speed is important for us so we custom built this system for our needs."

Florian Eckert, Senior Manager Technology at McDonald’s Germany

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Laura Hall
Laura Hall

Laura is a proud member of the content and communications team at Uberall. You can find her work in all corners of the website. One of her most recent pieces was a guide for digital agencies on the incredible ROI potential delivered through ’near me’ marketing tactics. Outside of Uberall, she spends most of her days hanging around with a trip of goats, fondly named ‘the bleats’ by her two year old daughter.