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Black Friday: 5 Ways Location Marketing Can Help Your Business Make Better Sales

When consumers research your store or product, it should be clear that you’re offering promotions. Also, making sure your business shows up when consumers type “Black Friday deals near me” into their phones and computers can multiply foot traffic and sales.

Here are 5 ways digital Location Marketing can prepare your business for Black Friday success:

1. Black Friday is a local shopping holiday

If Thanksgiving is a holiday for families, then Black Friday is the holiday for local stores.

How businesses market their products and services has changed a lot since the introduction of the internet. Local shoppers increasingly make purchase decisions based on the information, promotions, and reviews they find online, which means a businesses must strategically manage its online presence to appeal to mobile-dependent shoppers.

When consumers search “Black Friday tech deals near me” this Thanksgiving, businesses who have put the most careful attention into their Location Marketing are sure to stand out.

2. Appeal to the dedicated Black Friday planners

Make it clear to shoppers that your business will participate this Black Friday. By communicating Black Friday hours, a sneak-peak into deals, and announcements clearly across your online business listings, consumers who love to thoroughly plan out their Black Friday experience will use that information to form a shopping strategy that may involve your store.

Without clearly posted hours, deals, and other Black Friday information specific to your store, the planners may skip your business location because it couldn’t be factored into their shopping plans.

Shoppers are already researching to find out which businesses nearby will be open with killer deals during Black Friday. Will they find your business online?

3. Appeal to the procrastinators

Location Marketing also appeals to the spontaneous Black Friday shoppers. Some people have very few ideas of what they want to purchase on Black Friday, but the experience of shopping after a Thanksgiving feast is a fun tradition many families still share.

When these consumers scramble last-minute to find nearby deals, the businesses optimized for Location Marketing are bound to receive greater foot traffic because their business locations are easy to find and communicate clearly their Black Friday hours and deals.

Google searches for “Black Friday deals near me” almost doubled in usage between Thanksgiving 2015 and the same day in 2016.


(Source: Google Trends)

In fact, these searches are up 25x from numbers in 2012.


(Source: Google Trends)

The businesses that stand out in “Black Friday deals near me” searches are increasingly sure to rake in serious sales.

4. It’s a low-cost, passive form of holiday marketing

Some companies spend fortunes to compete in the marketing craze that occurs just before—and on—Black Friday. With expensive television, newspaper, and radio ads, most businesses know it’ll be hard to stand out among all the marketing noise.

Since Location Marketing is an organic strategy for appearing at the top of local search engine requests, it becomes a passive and effective marketing tool when people are specifically looking for the products your business has discounted. It is low-cost and enables business locations to grab the attention of local consumers who are ready to spend.

After all, What better way to stand out on Black Friday than to be the first search result for Black Friday deals in your area?

5. Appeal to mobile shoppers

When consumers hit the stores after Thanksgiving, many will rely on their smartphones to guide their purchase decisions. According to Deloitte Consulting, “$0.56 of every dollar spent in a store is influenced by a digital interaction.”

Local businesses this holiday need to ask, “what are my store locations doing to catch the attention of smartphone-dependent shoppers?”

If you’re using Location Marketing practices to prepare your business locations for Black Friday, you’re on the road to greater holiday sales.

Location Marketing is a modern, strategic way to get customers through your doors. See the difference for yourself with a free demo of Uberall’s Location Marketing Cloud. Be found by consumers this holiday to give your store some sales and foot traffic worth celebrating. We look forward to helping you stand out.

Yannick Sievers
Yannick Sievers