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Are You Missing Out on a Massive Revenue Opportunity This Holiday Season?

With the holiday season in full swing, we took the opportunity to delve into a sample of Google My Business (GMB) users, to see how many businesses were adding custom holiday opening hours within their listings. The findings were the catalyst for this blog post where we discovered less than 10% of businesses are utilizing this feature, thus reducing consumer accessibility for retail locations at peak shopping hours and potentially missing out on that all important footfall during the holiday season. 

There are many reasons why updating opening hours is important, but the main one is brand trust. Customers stop trusting brands with inaccurate data. If they arrive at a store location and the doors are locked because the hours of operation in GMB are contradictory, there is an immediate loss in brand trust. If a customer finds inaccurate data around a location, 30% of the time that business has lost a customer for life. It's imperative that during the holiday season, hours are accurate, because if not, it adds to consumer dissatisfaction. They will in turn seek out a direct competitor of their business to suit their needs thus taking a huge chunk of revenue from the business.

According to Google, customer loyalty dwindles dramatically as 60% of consumers are willing to try new brands and shop elsewhere. Looking at a sample of global enterprise businesses, we identified that only 7 out of 800 brands had updated their opening hours. 

For our customers and partners, we would like to use this as a reminder to utilise the special hours functionality through their location marketing platform and give consumers every reason to remain loyal. For everyone else, we hope this helps to shift priorities around location data management for the holidays.

Lastly, the Christmas season presents the largest missed opportunity around updating opening hours, so it’s essential to evaluate the revenue at risk from the lack of updating them. Consider all the opportunities that special hours should be updated for, such as commerce holidays, national holidays, special events and honorary days. Did you know that on average, there's 20 days a year, per country, where special hours may apply? If you are a reseller catering to several different countries, you could create a global special days calendar that would emulate the look and feel of a content calendar. Based on those special days broken down by country, you could then preemptively reach out to clients and ask them to fill in special hours for all of those days.

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In conclusion, updating special hours on GMB listings creates a revenue opportunity that brands can capitalize on while their competitors may not even be aware of this advantage. It's a way to win behind the scenes while simply taking just a little time to compile. When you can take a little effort and convert it to revenue to see immediate ROI, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Happy holidays and don't forget to update those special hours!

 Sinem Tuncer is Head of Submission and Channel Management at Navads (an Uberall company) where she holds quality to the highest regard. Tuncer is trilingual with a Bachelors of Engineering from Hogeschool in Amsterdam, where her focus was Supply Chain Management (SCM). While at Navads, she also concurrently completed a MicroMaster at MIT, where she focused on SCM Technology and Systems. Tuncer has a passion for location data success, traveling and all things Google my Business.
Laura Hall
Laura Hall

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