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6 Steps to optimize your ranking on Google’s local search

Google has abolished the right side ads, increasing the number of ad spots above the local search results to four. The competition is intensifying for the best local rankings, but the search engine reveals how to move your way up to the top. 

1. Complete your data

The more information you add to your Google My Business Account, the better you can rank on local search results. Therefore, make sure that in addition to the standard information such as your telephone, address and website, you are including photos, a brief description of your company and the right business category. With complete information, you will have better chances to match customers’ search queries and appear near the top.

2. Verify your locations

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If you verify your locations, you will be the only one with access to your profiles, making them more secure. More importantly, your changes and profile improvements will only show up across Google Maps and other Google services after this confirmation.

3. Update your opening hours

Nothing annoys customers more than finding a store closed upon arriving, especially if the business is supposed to be open according to the opening hours displayed online. This is clearly bad for your businesses; it can lead to fewer customers visiting your location since they are not sure when you are actually open. Be sure to keep your opening times always up-to-date, including irregular opening times for holidays, Sundays or special occasions.

4. Manage your customer reviews

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Customer ratings are not only good suggestions for your business. Positive customer reviews actually influence your ranking in local search results. Google sees each review about your business as an indication of your company’s importance and awareness about your brand. Knowing this, encourage your customers to review your business and then react to each review with an appropriate response to show that you appreciate their feedback.

5. Add visuals

They say an image is worth a thousand words - which is why photos are a great way to quickly impress your customers. Use visuals as an opportunity to introduce your venue or display your products. An image could be the final push a customer needs to make their buying decision.

6. Increase your brand awareness

Google always shows the most well-known, relevant locations and businesses at the top of its search results page. The “prominence” factor is calculated through the references that Google finds about your business across the web. As mentioned above, customer reviews are important here, but so are citations and links, (both dofollow and nofollow) mentions in articles and, of course, consistent information in directories.

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