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3 Tips to Dominate Local SEO: A Guide for Digital Marketers

Do you know what’s fast becoming the most effective approach to digital marketing? It’s actually where you are right now, and if you want to dominate local SEO, you’re going to need to pay attention to how consumers are searching right now.

“Near me” is one of the world’s most popular destinations — and that’s great news for brands looking to connect with nearby consumers. Mobile “near me” searches have exploded in recent years, as more and more savvy consumers expect search engines to get up close and personal with them, know where they are and show them where they need to go in the world.

From travel and financial services, to restaurants and shopping, mobile and voice-search consumers now expect search results to include immediate and relevant information about their surrounding area.  

As more and more consumers expect customized search results, they will use even more specific and personal search terms that resonate with them.  This gives brands with multiple locations an opportunity to reach more good fit consumers who are ready to buy— even if dominating the rankings for more general search queries is out of reach.

But what if you’re a brand with hundreds of locations — how can you make sure you reach nearby consumers when their searches are ultra-specific? 

3 Tips You Need to Dominate Local SEO 

1. Uncover Your “Near Me” Niche

Consumers are using mobile search to find answers at the moment they need them. Not only do searchers use general language such as “things to do near me,” but they also utilize more specific search patterns. 

For example, “breweries near me” and “wings near me” were top searches in recent years. This gives businesses like yours an opportunity to find the right “near me” niche — capturing customers who are most likely to buy from you — even if dominating the rankings for more general search queries is out of reach. To learn more about why specificity in search matters, check out this post

2. Optimize Your Content For “My Location” Searches

Though queries including “near me” dominate the local search scene, there are other location-based phrases commonly used within this search trend.

The phrase “my location” shows up quite a bit in searches, such as “car wash near my location” and “barbershop near my location,” as well as  “things to do around my location.”

Interestingly, search topics such as automotive and travel often use the exact phrase “my location,” while the topics of fashion and furniture are more likely to use “near me.”

3. Build Local Visibility

Another critical component lies in the accuracy of all your brand’s location data, which plays a key role in the way mobile searches are carried out.

This trend plays out across virtually all industries: automotive-related searches are led by “car wash near me” while the fashion industry is topped by “clothing stores near me” and “boutiques near me.”

Rather than naming a particular city or area in a search query, consumers simply ask for what they’re looking for along with the phrase “near me.” If your listings are optimised for search, it will come up higher on the list of results.

Learn more about why name, address, phone number (NAP) data accuracy on all the platforms and directories your brand is listed on is critical for standing out in local search in this post

One Last Tip:  Keep it Conversational  

It can help to step inside the shoes of the consumer and explore the kinds of natural “near me” queries that may arise in daily life.

As you can see, “near me” searches have become the new norm, with consumers expecting to connect with the world immediately around them. Brands are optimizing their digital footprint to take advantage of these trends and reach more prospective consumers. 

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