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Uberall and SweetIQ

What Is SweetIQ?

The SweetIQ Analytics Corp. was founded in Montréal, Canada, in 2010. Positioning itself as an e-marketing solution, a location-based marketing analytics and automation company, SweetIQ Analytics Corp. offered a bespoke approach to local marketing, designing campaigns, search analysis, and other services.

The SweetIQ local marketing hub serves as a centralized platform for large enterprise brands and franchises to manage digital location marketing and online reputation. SweetIQ focuses on managing local directory listings, store locator pages, and reviews through software and data analytics.

Its technology integrates with all major online directories to help customers manage addresses, hours of operation for store locations, and other key data points, It also consolidates consumer reviews into a single platform through the SweetIQ dashboard.

SweetIQ specializes in the industries of retail, hospitality, healthcare, and home services, as well as serving a more general market. SweetIQ serves all of North America from their headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

The Gannett SweetIQ Acquisition

In 2017, after an acquisition by Gannett, SweetIQ became part of the USA Today and Gannett Network, enhancing its digital marketing suite for local businesses and national brands. Gannett Co. Inc. is the largest media publisher in the U.S., operating more than 250 local media brands, USA TODAY and Newsquest in the U.K., and digital marketing services companies serving clients around the world.

The Connection to ReachLocal

Gannett incorporated SweetIQ into ReachLocal, its digital marketing subsidiary organization. As part of ReachLocal, SweetIQ added local listings and reputation management to the company’s suite of digital marketing solutions—making it more attractive to multi-location and national brands. ReachLocal is a subsidiary of Gannett headquartered in Woodland Hills, California that focuses on lead generation and conversion for enterprise companies. SweetIQ also enhanced ReachLocal’s data analytics capabilities around location marketing. You can read about the 2017 acquisition in BusinessWire’s archived ReachLocal SweetIQ press release.

(NEW) The Uberall Acquisition of SweetIQ

In September 2020, Uberall announced it acquired SweetIQ as part of an agreement with Gannett Co., Inc. and ReachLocal. Gannett has selected Uberall to become its premier provider of presence management solutions. SweetIQ’s team will integrate into Uberall as its new Montréal office—including customer support, operations, and developers.

The updated SweetIQ ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience platform, now powered by Uberall, will continue to provide SweetIQ subscribers with all the location marketing and reputation management capabilities they are accustomed to while delivering a more holistic product vision around the ‘Near Me’ customer journey.

What This Means for Existing SweetIQ Customers & Partners

SweetIQ customers will still be able to manage their local directory listings, store locator pages, and reviews through a centralized software platform with state-of-the-art data analytics. However, the integration of Uberall’s ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience will ensure more automated, end-to-end control of local digital marketing.

SweetIQ powered by Uberall will deliver built-in integration with Google, Yelp, and Facebook—allowing you to manage your data on platforms like Google My Business, Google Maps and Apple Maps in real-time. That will make it even easier to create and deploy engaging content to win the business of new and repeat customers.

Managing duplicate listings will also be more thorough—with expanded access to a larger catalog of directories, maps, and apps. Overall, there will be less day-to-day account maintenance required to ensure customers can find and engage positively with your brands.

SweetIQ Customers and Partners can also expect a smoother, more attentive experience behind-the-scenes. Local marketing is a core competency for Uberall. It’s what we do. Our combined team of SweetIQ and Uberall product designers and customer success experts will be laser-focused on your success.

The Smart Network: SweetIQ listings management

Focused primarily on domestic Canada and the U.S. markets, SweetIQ’s Smart Network offers centralized management for business location listings across many sites and directories. SweetIQ has traditionally specialized in four core vertical category solutions: retail, hospitality, healthcare, and home services. The platform’s healthcare publisher network is particularly robust.

SweetIQ also misses some key integrations— such as Yelp and Google, which must be managed manually rather than through a two-way API. It is also not as rich in the SEO and content capabilities, which will help propel listings higher in search.

Overall, SweetIQ offers deep and valuable data insights for those who are able to employ them. But the Smart Network of directories does require a somewhat sophisticated, manual approach.This is a limitation compared to the automated capabilities of Uberall and other major players in this space, who offer a wide range of partnership and API integrations with Google, Yelp, Apple Maps and all leading directories and platforms.

As with Uberall, one SweetIQ login will provide access to data across all locations and directories at once, keeping information up-to-date and easy to control. While you can manage duplicates in SweetIQ, its manual dependencies and lack of algorithmic or fully-automated suppression features limit its visibility. All of this has led to a less seamless experience than one would expect in a best-in-class solution.

Store locator & microsites software

Location pages and maps are a strength for SweetIQ, which focuses on dropping pins wherever they are needed. The solution offers a dynamic map with a display of location pins and some robust search and filtering options for store location. However, the solution is weaker when it comes to providing the kind of continuous content that will engage and re-engage customers as part of a ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience, such as posts and rich media.

Review management

SweetIQ gives users the ability to monitor and respond to reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing from a central location—sometimes requiring the help of a manual set-up from SweetIQ technicians. Unfortunately, by limiting itself to these few platforms, the software does somewhat hamper its visibility. Additionally, the platform lacks robust permissions and access governance or the ability to set up alerts that might be appreciated by larger enterprises, franchisers, or partners.

Social media management

SweetIQ offers users the basic ability to post to and respond in some social media channels.

What Is Uberall?

Uberall is a global leader in location marketing and a pioneer of the ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience. The leading-edge cloud platform serves over 1 million managed locations around the world — managing more European listings than any other competitor, and maintaining a strong presence across North America. Headquartered in Berlin, Uberall has offices in London, Paris, San Francisco, Detroit, and Amsterdam.

Uberall Listings

Uberall’s Listings solution is the flagship of a comprehensive local digital brand ecosystem. Use it to establish, optimize, and organize business location data across more than 125 listing directories, maps, and apps. Instantly update your content and SEO-rich location data across your profiles in real-time from our centralized platform. Uberall’s Listings platform automatically checks your data multiple times a week to ensure that your digital presence is rigorously maintained. All your location profiles are claimed and protected, and duplicate listings are instantly suppressed and deleted.

Uberall vs SweetIQ Business Listings Features

Uberall Engage

Great reputation management means more than simply checking ratings. Uberall’s Engage platform recognizes the consumer’s holistic brand journey often begins and ends with reviews — but that it also includes other brand touchpoints along the way. Engage offers templates and content management tools that help businesses connect directly with prospective and existing customers. Schedule future posts and analyze feedback by location, time, platform, geography, and type. Track and answer reviews and ratings across major review platforms from one single source of truth. Uberall Engage also gives you the analytics and governance you need to create a secure collaborative environment. Grant employees access to manage reviews or set approval workflows to edit, approve, or decline replies.

Uberall vs SweetIQ reviews and social Features

Uberall Store Locator

Integrate Uberall’s Store Locator widget into your website to help customers find individual local store pages, get directions, or engage with locations before they buy. These SEO optimized pages increase visibility in Google search results, and structured data is easy to manage from our central location.

Uberall Local Ads

Use Uberall Local Ads to offer prospective customers directions, make it easier for them to immediately call you, or direct them to your local website. These hyper-targeted local ads offer new touchpoints exactly when consumers are searching for and ready to purchase the products and services you offer.

Advanced Analytics

Uberall offers an advanced customer Dashboard, featuring both an “at a glance’ feature and a scrolling page that displays all of your data — whether aggregated or by single location. With a flexible search and filter feature, you can customize how that data is pulled and displayed. Uberall also offers an Advanced Analytics add on that can provide powerful, granular levels of insights on your locations. Compare individual locations or groups of locations to identify differences between high and low performers, and gain actionable insights that will help you improve performance across your brand.

Uberall vs SweetIQ Data Analysis Features


Uberall places a premium on trust, and we put security first. Your customer data remains in full compliance with the European Data Protection General Regulation (GDPR), and we provide a dedicated resource to work with you to resolve any security concerns you may have.

Data Quality and Support

Uberall features a unique 3-Step cleansing process to verify data is correct, and then set and publish accurate data points. This best-in-class data quality management has earned us an official Google partnership and preferential trust in our data from all major directories.

The Network

Working with Uberall grants you access to our network of 130 technology partners and directories across 160 countries.


Pricing of Uberall’s solution varies by the number of locations a business has, geography, and which modules are purchased. That’s because every business is different and we want to calibrate to ensure you are getting what you pay for, and what you need. This helps to control costs and maximize your return on investment. Connect with us to discuss what pricing would look like for your unique case.

Is Uberall worth it?

Your goal is to get your business in front of prospective customers and help them to find and buy from you. But your digital presence is also an essential way to engage with existing local clientele that will lead to brand loyalty and repeat business. You need a location management solution that recognizes the holistic nature of the way consumers buy now. Uberall is not only the most powerful technical solution on the market today — it is also a thought-leader that is helping to keep our clients on the leading edge of how customers buy. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you have both the tools and the knowledge you need to evolve with technology and consumer behavior. And you will see the results in clicks, visits, calls, leads, impressions, and sales.

How Uberall strengthens SweetIQ

Uberall is delighted to be adding it’s capabilities to the SweetIQ offering. Unlike many solutions on the market, SweetIQ understands the value of good data and analytics. Like us, they think holistically about the entire local consumer experience and are excited to help guide companies in optimizing for local visibility and engagement. Combining SweetIQ’s market expertise with our own experience and engineering strengths will create a winning partnership in North America that will benefit all of our customers.

By adding Uberall’s ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience to SweetIQ’s existing strengths, the new collaboration will supply the critical capabilities that had been missing from the original platform, resulting in a stronger, more robust solution.

Uberall brings SweetIQ:

  • Cloud Location Data Management leadership
  • Featured Google My Business partner with full 2-way API for GMB and Google Maps
  • A dedicated commitment to product and engineering advancement
  • More than 150 established and Tier 1 industry partnerships
  • Fully managed onboarding, data cleansing & normalization including Google Connect Flow and Facebook Connect
  • Facebook, Yelp and Apple Maps marketing partnerships
  • Best-in-class priority data cleansing and geo-location services
  • Always-on data sync and automated duplicate identification via algorithm
  • Best-in-class solutions for data quality management
  • Advanced review and posting capability with customizable access permissions
  • Automated, true self-serve platform with sophisticated user access and data controls

Evaluate Uberall for Yourself

Our existing customers work with Uberall because of our best in class software, but they stay with us because of the ease of setup, ease of use and the great customer support.

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