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Locator + Pages

The Ultimate Guide to Your Locations

Getting from your website to the point of sale has never been so intuitive: give your customers a world-class store locator and informative landing pages for each of your business locations. You create a seamless 'Near Me' Brand Experience where customers can directly find their way to your products and services.

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A Seamless Brand Experience, Seamlessly Integrated

Our Store Locator + Pages is a quick and easy plugin on your website and can be accessed via your own domain. Because the branch search adopts your branding guidelines, it is seamlessly integrated.

More Shop Visits Thanks To Optimal Usability

We have designed our Store Locator + Pages in such a way that customers can find their way around without any detours: the store finder guides visitors directly the next location based on their own position. On the map, you can intuitively zoom, filter, search by text — and navigate right to your brand.

Landing Pages for Every Location

Each location has special qualities that your customers want to get to know: Which actions, offers and products make your location interesting, which contact persons give it a human face? Individual landing pages for each location inform your customers in detail and give you even more reasons to visit them.

Show Up in 'Near Me' Searches

Improve your local search visibility when customers use their smartphones to search for nearby products and services. Our Store Locator + Pages is optimized for search engines (Local SEO), so your locations will appear as a result of 'near me' searches.

Easily Monitor How Your Pages Convert

See the impact of your location pages so you can show the results of your marketing campaigns and take meaningful actions based on your data. 

With these in-depth insights, you can better understand your key metrics, such as impressions and clicks — and measure them against specific regions or business locations over time. 

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