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Uberall Essential

Important Questions and Answers

Uberall Essential is a free product for healthcare facilities, which can be used without obligation during the coronavirus pandemic or until 30 September 2020.

There is no catch. The use of Uberall Essential is not linked to further use of the Uberall platform.

In these times of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to help healthcare institutions to be better found with the right information when patients search for it online. For example, by providing current opening hours and contact details, patients can avoid unnecessary trips and help contain the coronavirus.

Clear communication between medical facilities and the public requires that they are visible on the most important online platforms (e.g. Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.) where they can manage information in real time. With our platform this is possible — and Uberall Essential offers the most important functions for this free of charge.

Uberall Essential is a self-service solution that enables businesses to publish and manage their sites independently and unassisted on the major online local search platforms in a centralised and real-time manner.

The Uberall network includes 125+ online directories. Users of Uberall Essential can update location information, keywords, images and videos on the most important of these and measure profile views and clicks. Supported directories include Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps, Baidu, Uber, TomTom, HERE and Factual.

Uberall Essential is open to healthcare providers (hospitals, test laboratories, doctors' offices, pharmacies, etc.) that have one or more physical locations. Testing is carried out by Uberall. There is no legal claim to the product.

With Uberall Essential, you can manage any number of sites that belong to your company.

With the end of the coronavirus crisis or before the end of the term (30 September 2020) we will inform you in good time about the possibility of an extension.

Regardless of an extension, the data on your locations will remain untouched: Unlike other providers, we retain the latest information for your sites and do not reset them to their original value.

Start Now For Free

Help your patients now, starting with their online searches. Use Uberall Essential during the coronavirus pandemic free of charge and without any obligation.