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Advanced Analytics

Measure Your Success and Make Data-Driven Decisions

What is Advanced Analytics? It's an advanced local analytics dashboard providing local performance insights on how customers find, experience, and interact with your local businesses around the world. 

With this one-of-a-kind performance tool, you get a full overview of the impact of your location marketing campaigns, show the impact of your efforts, and take meaningful actions based on data. 


Easily Monitor How Your Business Performs

Do you know whether your local marketing campaigns meet their goals? Or which stores are not performing as well as others in terms of ratings or conversions? 

Get the answers to these questions and more from one central local analytics dashboard: Take full control of your location marketing efforts and show the value of your campaigns with Advanced Analytics. 

Find Out How to Improve Your Business

Advanced Analytics empowers you to make data-driven decisions from the global or national to the local level that will improve your business performance. With in-depth insights, you can build the right strategies for your business operations, boosting the performance of specific locations, regions or your overall brand! 

Advanced Analytics: Get the Full Picture of Your Local Marketing Efforts

Advanced Analytics is an in-depth analytics dashboard that provides insights into how consumers are finding, experiencing and engaging a business locally to help you to increase visibility and Engagement.

A fun, interactive and straightforward way to measure success

Advanced Analytics brings together relevant data from various sources that tie to location-specific objectives: With one central tool you access metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and review factors to track brand awareness, engagement and reputation. 

Thanks to the powerful and user-friendly analytics features, analysing performance is easy as pie chart. Filter data by time, geography or individual labels, and drill up and down to the information you want to access.

Get ready for success!

Bring your analytics game to the next step and request a demo for the Uberall platform!


Frequently Asked Questions on Advanced Analytics

Uberall’s Advanced Analytics is an in-depth analytics tool that provides detailed insights on how customers find, experience, and interact with your business locations around the world. It is a one-of-a-kind data analysis and visualisation that comes with your Uberall solution.

It centralizes and visualizes relevant data that directly tie to location-specific business objectives. With Advanced Analytics, you can better understand metrics such as impressions, clicks, and ratings in the context of conversions. This allows you to easily measure your business performance on the global and local level over time.

Advanced Analytics empowers you to gain full oversight over the presence and performance of your business locations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and maximize the ROI of your location marketing strategy. By overseeing your key metrics, you discover how you can optimize the performance of  specific locations or regions.

With Advanced Analytics you easily find out how your business performs on different levels. You can analyse your performance on a global, national or regional level down to the very location. This enables you to identify e.g. which of your markets need better ratings to increase conversion rates. This is a basis for you and your regional or store managers to build strategies or campaigns for improvement. 

Advanced Analytics comes with your new Uberall platform that features Listings, Engage and/or Locator + Pages. Find out more about the pricing here.