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Mitchells & Butlers strengthens its visibility and user engagement on Google and Facebook

The Challenge

Mitchells & Butlers runs around 1,700 restaurants and pubs in the UK alone and aims to be one of the top-selling leisure catering companies in Germany. For this reason, it is essential that all restaurant locations are highly visible on local search with accurate and complete information. To achieve this, the company needed to ensure that their locations were correctly listed across all relevant apps, search engines, and navigation systems, as well as implementing a customer engagement and ratings management strategy across multiple platforms.

The Solution

Since the implementation of Uberall Listings in late 2015, more than 2,300 separate business pages have been created for all Mitchells & Butlers locations in Germany. These are hosted on over 50 platforms including Google, Yelp and Foursquare. Thanks to Uberall Engage, Mitchells & Butlers now has a complete view of all customer reviews submitted for their locations. They can communicate with customers directly and respond to reviews in real time, all from one central location. Current offers, news, and job postings can also be published individually for selected locations on platforms such as Facebook or Google.

The Results

Just one year after the start of its collaboration with Uberall, Mitchells & Butlers recorded a 200% increase in its Google visibility. In addition, the individual locations of Mitchells & Butlers Germany GmbH have received almost 30% more telephone calls compared to the previous year. Clicks on directions from Google also increased by 30%, which allows consumers to find the fastest and easiest way to their nearest Mitchells & Butlers restaurant. Mitchells & Butlers was able to increase its user engagement on Facebook by a factor of 30 thanks to the Uberall Engage tool, which allows flexible publishing options on various social networks. The promotion of job ads also received a high amount of engagements. Notably, one Facebook job vacancy post received over 7,000 hits and almost 400 clicks. This laid the foundation for Mitchell & Butlers’ growth within Germany.

What our customer says

“Together with Uberall, we have significantly improved the SEO visibility of our restaurants and considerably increased our Google rankings. Overall, we were able to generate over 200% more page views in Google Maps and Search. We are very satisfied with the results.”
Markus Bottler, Senior Marketing Manager MITCHELLS & BUTLERS

Posted by Uberall

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