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Les Menus Services make their telephones ring using Uberall 'Near Me' Ads

Executive Summary

  • Industry: Home Delivery & Home Care Services
  • No. of locations: 82
  • Region: France

Aware customers use ‘Near Me’ searches on their smartphones to find the services the organisation offers, Les Menus Services successfully leverages Uberall Ads to target prospective customers that are geographically situated within predefined search radiuses of selected franchise locations. Thanks to Uberall Ads, the team at Les Menus Services can offer effective advertising support to their large franchise network while staying in control of their brand, and quickly saw a stark surge in high-quality conversions in clicks on calls on Google with a 5 x Return On Investment overall.

The Challenge

Specialising in miscellaneous home delivery services and consisting of a large franchise network, Les Menus Services’ customer journey usually starts with an online search, with their first personal touchpoint being a telephone conversation. Keen to further boost their market share, their Marketing team knew that the majority of their customers search for their services on their mobile devices when they have an immediate need, and that location-based online ads targeting customers performing ‘Near Me’ searches is thus the perfect way to reach new customers. New to location-based online advertising, they were looking for a Partner that could help them tackle the complexity of launching local ads for their elaborate franchise network fast.

The Solution

Already leveraging Uberall’s ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience platform since September 2018 to increase the online presence of their 80 facilities and manage their online customer reviews, all location data and platform connections necessary to launch local ads were already in place. This means that the marketing team at Les Menus Services was able to go live with multi-channel local advertising for branches across France straight from the Uberall Platform, with just a few clicks.

Due to the role-based access permission levels functionality present in the Uberall Platform, Les Menus Services is able to invite franchisees to leverage Uberall Ads to autonomously boost their locations, whilst HQ stays in control of the brand. Moreover, the tool’s target radius functionality enables franchisees to adjust the geographical reach of their campaigns to their business areas, helping them deliver a better customer experience in remote areas, and rank higher than their competition in Google searches in high-density areas.

By having the choice between two specific conversion types; “Call Ads” and “Direction Ads”, franchisees can further specify what they would like each campaign to achieve.

The Results

Within a couple of months, Les Menus Services experienced a large increase in phone calls from local ads on Google, which translated to a significant increase in new customers and a 5 x return on investment overall. Being able to launch high performing campaigns and seeing a return on investment within a couple of months, they decided to roll ads further.

“Empowering our franchisees to launch high-converting local ads without losing control of our brand is the real added value for us. With Uberall Ads we reach our customers exactly where they are and when they look for us. The simple click-to-call format is working really well for us. It’s a must-have.”

Perrine Lurot, Project Manager - Digital Marketing, Les Menus Services

Céline Belguendouz