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‘Near Me’ Ads: Uberall launches the world's first local ads solution for large companies

With this new, unique product, multi-location brands earn more offline revenue through local ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Berlin, 6 February 2020 – The global software provider Uberall is today announcing the launch of ‘Near Me’ Ads and is thus making large-scale local online advertising possible for multi-location business for the first time worldwide. The new product extends the Uberall platform, which enables companies to create a compelling brand experience at a local level. Among more than 1 million sites belonging to Uberall's clients, initial tests lasting several months have already achieved conversion rates of more than 12 percent. 

Using 'Near Me' Ads, companies can now ensure that their locations rank first in 'Near Me' searches, e.g. on Google Maps. Uberall is the first company in the world to combine the power of local online search with targeted online advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram. 

“The potential of 'Near Me' is impressive: Almost every second Google search today is a “Near Me” search and leads to an offline purchase in 30 percent of cases", states Florian Hübner, founder and CEO of Uberall. “If you are at the top of the list using 'Near Me' Ads, you will achieve extremely high conversion rates – because the local ads appear at the right time and in the right place.” 

Launching 'Near Me' Ads is the next logical step for the Uberall platform, which serves all stations of the 'Near Me' customer journey. With the Uberall platform, companies are able to offer customers a compelling brand experience when they are looking for their products or services nearby. With Uberall's local online advertisements, companies can now purposefully attract their customers to the stores and generate new offline revenue. 

The ads’ high precision leads to high-quality leads

“For large chain stores, it is far too costly to develop an individual, conversion-optimized ad for each location. This does not usually pay off," Hübner continues. With 'Near Me' Ads, Uberall reduces the complexity of advertising campaigns to a minimum, so that even large companies can generate high-quality leads through the high precision of the ads: 

“The real added value of 'Near Me' Ads is that our franchisees can run highly effective local ads without us losing control of the brand," says Perrine Lurot, project manager for digital marketing at Les Menus Services. “Uberall’s solution helps us reach our customers exactly where they are and are looking for us. The click-to-call format works very well for us. It's a must-have." 

The French delivery service Les Menus used 'Near Me' Ads in its delivery areas to trigger more telephone orders: 12.8 percent of all ad clicks led to new customers – which translated to a more than 5-fold return on investment. 

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